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Eye Examinations & Health Check

The Examination

We will start by asking a few questions about your vision, family history, work, lifestyle and interests. Your answers will give us a better understanding of your eyes and individual requirements. And if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

Then we'll check the health of your eyes and your sight. At every stage we'll tell you what we're doing and why. We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable at all times.

At the end of your test, we'll discuss our findings with you and tell you if you need glasses or contact lenses, or a new prescription. So you can see what we mean, we'll show you the difference between your current and new improved vision.

If you need a prescription for the first time, we'll explain what it means and recommend suitable lenses to provide you with the best vision and comfort. And if we detect signs of any condition or general health problem, we may carry out extra tests and refer you to your GP.
The examination will cost £25

Diabetes Care

Diabetic eye disease can be a serious problem, causing deterioration in sight and sometimes blindness but loss of vision is avoidable in most cases if it is identified at an early stage.
Patients with diabetes are exempt from the sight test fee.

VDU Assessments (Visual Display Units or Computer Screens)

The eye consists of specialised parts which combine to provide information which is translated by the brain into visual perception or seeing.
Anything upsetting this delicate balance, such as prolonged visually demanding tasks, may cause difficulties. Prolonged focusing can cause eye irritation and eye strain.
Eyestrain is a common cause of headaches occurring during or after completing visually demanding tasks. For the work place there are the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations.
Your employer may pay for your eye sight test if you work on a VDU constantly.

Children's Eyecare

It is so vital that children enjoy the best possible vision, so Andrew care opticians has stepped in to give you not only a FREE sight test, but FREE frames and lenses, too!

Our eye examinations include a thorough investigation of your child's eyes that will set your mind at rest.

This is because we automatically check for signs of any potential problems.

Early diagnosis can prevent suffering at a later date.

We have a specially selected range of frames that your child will be delighted with and almost all children under the age of 16 are eligible.